Hi. My name is Kris, short for a name that most people pronounce wrong because it’s a really complicated name. I am sixteen years old which seems a little weird because I definitely do not feel my age or look it, unfortunately. I am the only junior at my school that consists of a large population of small children. I’m a jazz and ballet dancer, and I love country, pop, electronic dance, rock, and christian music.

My clothing style has DRASTICALLY changed over the past 3 year, and I am so glad that it did. I ditched the old faithful bangs and look to my older sister for the best fashion advice. I love shopping now, but I just wish I had the money to do it. This leads me to the fact that I desperately need a job and a car and a license, oh, and a boyfriend would be nice too, but now I’m getting way too in over my head here.

Come along with me on a journey through my past as well as my future that hopefully includes some of my above listed needs.


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