Summary on Chapters 10 & 11 of The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne

These chapters revealed alot in such little time and foreshadowed many of the scandalous things to come. Roger Chillingworth, the hidden ex-husband of Hester Prynne,   moved to the town of Salem in search for the partner adulterer in Hester’s affair. While living there, he took the job of caring for the most favored reverend in the town, Reverend Dimmesdale, being that he is a physician.

In a previous chapter, Hester and Pearl, the child bore out of adultery, went to the Governor’s home while Dimmesdale and Chillingworth were there, and the child was especially kind to Dimmesdale who defended Hester’s request for the custody of her child which made Chillingworth  question if he was the father.

After a lengthy amount of bonding time, Dimmesdale and Chillingworth fought after Roger questioned the purity of Dimmesdale’s soul and suggested that his impurity was the cause of his failing physical health. Dimmesdale expresses a little too much to Chillingworth in the confrontation including the fact that the townspeople love him so much because of his compassion and understanding for their wrongdoings which suggests even more that Chillingworth’s assumption is correct.

Chillingworth is desperate to figure out if Dimmesdale is the one after his recent discoveries. Therefore, he decides to go into Dimmesdale’s study while he is sleeping to investigate further. While investigating, he decided to unbutton Dimmesdale’s shirt due to the fact that, whenever he is overwhelmed, he holds his chest. I suppose that he finds a branded letter A there because he is very pleased with his findings. This would clearly reveal that Dimmesdale is definitely the father because Hester is also required to wear a scarlet letter A on her chest.

Chillingworth has very special plans for Dimmesdale, but he previously promised Hester that he would not expose the father to the public if he found him. These chapters will definitely be the start of a very scandalous whirlwind of confusion and trouble for everyone involved.

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