Mistreatment of Women in Today’s Society Related to the Mistreatment of Women in the Scarlet Letter

As seen in the novel, The Scarlet Letter, Hester is harshly judged by the townspeople for her adulterous sin, and today, this oppression is still specifically directed towards females even though a males take part in the same actions. Girls are labelled by several different derogatory words that are loosely used by the opposite sex to intentionally disrespect women, and unfortunately, this behavior has become very common in today’s society. In the novel, the women of the town were the ones who shamed Hester the most. This is directly related to the way women currently treat each other out of jealousy. This is what the effects of the many stereotypes and status quos that exist today are doing. What ever happened to girl power?

Men continue to exercise their automatic superiority over women in relationships, jobs, and society. Sexual and adomestic abuse rates are steadily rising due to the fact that disrespect for women is at an all time high. We are constantly taken advantage of, and we suffer physically, emotionally, and socially from it. Our sensitivity is taken out of context, and our abilities are greatly marginalized.

Image result for Abuse

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