The Steady Increase of Orphans


There are over 140,000,000 million orphaned children in the world housed in orphanages that are overpopulated with abandoned children, but despite the many orphanages throughout the world, neglected children are still left on the streets, sold into trafficking, or forced into labor. In addition, the large number of orphans is greatly influenced by the Chinese one-child policy, the increase of children with disabilities, the death of both parents, and the parent’s inability to provide the child with their proper needs.


However, children placed in the system are neither receiving the proper amount of nutrition or education necessary for them to lead a successful life after they are released and left to care for themselves due to the fact that orphanages barely have enough resources and funds to care for them as well. Consequently, orphanages are not able to provide exceptional care due to the growing increase of abandoned children throughout the world each day that greatly exceed the number of orphanages able to properly care for them.


Likewise, ill and disabled children are also not receiving the proper care they need causing many of them to greatly suffer or even die from their conditions.


This continues to be one of today’s greatest, most heart-breaking issues as at least 5,760 children become orphans everyday.

Orphans of Poverty

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