California Livin’

This past summer, my family and I vacationed in Los Angles, California for a week, and I literally had the time of my life! The weather was perfect; and the views were breathtaking. It was as if all of the troubles that worried me in my day-to-day life were no longer relevant. I wasn’t simply existing anymore, running around trying to please everyone else. I was living.

As we strolled down Rodeo Drive, I forgot why I was even mad at my sister the whole evening because it didn’t matter. She would be leaving for college in less than a month from then and I was mad at her for something silly on a trip we have been waiting to take together for years! So I let it go, and we window shopped for the rest of the night only dreaming of buying the amazing things displayed while losing track of time in our own amazement.

Strolling through Santa Monica Pier and riding all of the roller coasters there gave me loads of energy and excitement. I probably looked like such a tourist, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop smiling the whole night. It was pretty packed, like everywhere else in California seemed to be, but the busy environment only added to my uncontrollable excitement.

Riding the waves of the Santa Monica Beach revealed my strong desire for adventure. I was suddenly no longer worried about a shark attacking me or sea weed wrapping around my legs or the waves taking me into the deep water. I completely forgot about all of it and got one of the most incredible and thrilling experiences out of it.

Strawberry and raspberry picking was amazing! It was a beautiful scenery with sunflowers everywhere, and we definitely picked more than what we paid for because we kept eating them out of the cartons. Oopsies.

The long ride to Rideau Vineyard was filled with country song sing-a-longs, laughs, and banter with a beautiful view of the mountains, greenery, and the big ole’ Pacific to go along with it, and I wouldn’t trade that time together for anything in this world.

Biking down Venice Beach was peaceful. I was determined to really soak in the last moments of our trip because it was coming to a close. I felt like I was flying as I overlooked the  rustling of the waves and the bustling of the many people strolling down the boardwalk. But, knowing myself, if I looked away for to long, I would definitely slip on the sand and crash into an innocent pedestrian so I stayed pretty cautious.

The long hike up the mountain to reach the Hollywood sign was tiring at first, and I definitely did not have on the right clothes or shoes for it, but after a while I became very determined to get on up there without complaining. This motivation gave me a crazy boost of energy. I literally turned around and saw my family on the other side of the mountain while thinking, “I am literally hiking up a mountain that has an awesome view of freaking CALIFORNIA to see the Hollywood sign!” I got serious blisters from my converse, but I loved every minute of it.


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