I think that self-image is one of the biggest issues that teens face today. We are all constantly bashed with society’s opinions on what we should look or be like, and its effects are devastating.

Serious self-esteem and social issues arise from this, more commonly in girls rather than guys, but it has been reported that 44% of teenage girls aren’t happy with their bodies as 40% of teenage guys aren’t pleased with their lack in muscle weight, both of which go to extreme measures in changing.

I used to struggle with accepting myself because I was never the girl that the guys I liked even looked at, but I soon came to a sudden realization that, as I was doing all of these things to change myself, I was changing who God created me to be. I was calling His creation a mistake and destroying our relationship in the process. Thankfully, once I’d realized this, I became determined to see myself as I am through God’s eyes rather than through society’s and my own while gradually restoring my self-image.

Getting rid of the status quos and social norms of today is pretty impossible, but the rise of a generation sure of themselves in God will put an end to this on going cycle of social issues currently present in the youth.


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