A Plethora of Genres

Today, society categorizes people into certain genres of music based on their race.

However, this marginalization is just another way used to separate the diversity currently present in our country when it should be celebrated.

Statistically, the majority of hip hop music listeners are of the black population and the majority of country music listeners are of the white population, yet the racial differences in music are increasingly diversifying overtime.

Growing up, I was not exposed to other genres of music besides hip hop, gospel, and R&B, but as I grew older, I discovered the endless possibilities present in the music world, and my whole life changed! Now my favorites consist of indie rock, christian, pop, EDM, and country music, and thankfully, I am no longer restricted to any particular genre.

the legend: Elvis Presley
The Black Keys
The Arctic Monkeys
Jason Aldean
The Beach Boys
The 1975



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