Teenage Drunk Driving Statistics

At least 60% of all teens killed in car accidents were either under the influence of alcohol, hit by a drunk driver, or riding with a drunk driver, and although drunk driving fatalities in the U.S. have decreased by 52%, under aged drinking still remains an issue.

Today, alcohol is easily accessible to teens whether it be directly from their parents, at parties where a parent’s alcohol is being used, or from an older friend, and without the help of adults, under aged drinking will continue.


Adults can take precautionary measures to stop under aged drinking by locking up alcohol when away and stressing the dangers of alcohol use to teens constantly.

When under the influence of alcohol, it becomes fairly difficult to make rational decisions which is why so many make the mistake of drinking and driving. Hence, extensive steps should be taken to keep alcohol out the hands of the youth, and used wisely by others to set a good example for teens and ensure the safety of themselves and their surroundings.





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