Why Are So Many Movies Filmed in Louisiana?

More movies are being filmed in some of Louisiana’s most popular cities including New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport because of the tax credits, great filming locations and increase in the local talent down South.

Producers are attracted to the culture in Louisiana, but they mainly film here for the 30% tax break. This percentage is much less in other states like California and Georgia with a tax break at 20%-25%.

15 years before, California produced at least 64% of some of the top films, but now, it is down to 8% due to producers new discovery of much cheaper sceneries in Louisiana.

Hundreds of movies have been filmed in Louisiana including Twelve Years a Slave, Pitch Perfect and Daddy’s Home, and a great deal of productions continue to take place in the area.

Now, Louisiana is considered the L.A. of the South ironically.




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